From supplier to your delivery address!

We're new to the e-commerce world but our social team sure know how to carry out an operation!

From the moment they clock in and have a fresh mug of Yorkshire Tea, they are monitoring stock, our social channels and any new orders.

As soon as we get that notification that your order has been placed, they move the money into the charitable organisation's pots so they get their donations straight away and we set to work on getting your order dispatched as soon as possible.

We then pick, pack and aim to have your order dispatched within 2 days! If one of our products is extremely popular, there might be a little wait for the product to be restocked by the supplier, but this shouldn't be more than 10 days extra. If you're waiting for an order, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

All of our products will come in a mailer bag, but we are looking at new compostable mailer bags for the future. Some of our face masks also come in a plant based bag to help keep it safe as it travels through the postal system.

Our orders are all delivered via Royal Mail (usually within 3-5 days of your dispatched email notification).

Our team constantly sanitise surfaces and their hands whilst packing orders and in the event of a local lockdown where the office has to close, we would stop taking new orders and focus on getting all current orders out on the same day.